Sunday, February 4, 2007

February 4 2007

Day 35 of 365 photos in 2007... photojournaling my way thru 2007!

It's Super Bowl Sunday with the Indianapolis Colts vs. da Bears. For 74 years running, Sam and Lynnette have hosted an Annual Super Bowl Game and Commercial Watching Party.

Complete with Blue Bell ice cream, homemade chilli and non-delivery pizza, lots of great conversation flowed and love shared for the Colts to win. I like being around the younger generation - there's a vibrancy and passion for life whether getting involved with social change, Room at the Inn, the Peace Corps or polite football smack talk.

By the way, see the guy in the middle of the photo eating ice cream and being bashful with his wife Lynnette to the right? That's Sam - Sam Davidson seeks to tell the stories that need telling in order to motivate people to change the things that need changing because Cool People Care. Take 5 minutes to find out why you're cool enough to care -

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newscoma said...

It looks like you were surrounded with fine people and a lot of love.
Good for you, Kerry.